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About Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked Himalayan country in South Asia that overlaps with East Asia, bordered by Tibet of China to the north and by India to the south, east and west. Nepal is widely known for Everest, the highest peak in the world, the enchanting Himalayans, Nature & Adventure Tourism and the infamous Gorkha soldiers. Nepal is mainly agriculture and tourism based economy with an increased expansion in the industrial and production activity. Handicrafts, Herbal Productions, Spices and Apparels are the major exports.Tourism is the good incoming source of Nepal since it is famous for it's natural bio-diversity, cultures, religions, arts and architectures etc.

Nepal as a Source of Human Resource

In the late 80's Nepal was identified as a potential import sources of Human Resources mainly in the unskilled and semi skilled category to meet the increasing demand of labor force for the rapidly growing industrial and manufacturing sectors in the Middle East and Pacific countries. Over the years owing to credibility of the Nepalese labors, better access to education and skill-based training, Nepal has become one of the major source destinations of Human Resource in the Skilled, Semi Skilled and Unskilled category for the countries in the Middle East, Pacific, Europe and America.

Nepal is one of ideal source of human resource in the skilled and unskilled category compared to other South Asian Countries in terms of cost, technical competency, language, workers has been well received and appreciated by the clients in the Middle East and Pacific Countries which has presently translated the number of Nepalese workforce to more than 1 million in the Middle East Countries. The features and advantages of recruiting Nepalese human resource are as:

  1. People across skilled , semi skilled and unskilled category available for wide range of works in the manufacturing, production, construction, oil & gas industry, engineering, hospitality, sales and marketing farming etc
  2. The multicultural environment, climatic conditions in Nepal and the ability to communicate in Hindi & English enables the laborers to instantly adapt to the living with co workers from different nationalities and working environment in the Middle East and other countries.
  3. Nepalese are hardworking, reliable and dedicated to assigned work. AS per the criminal offence statistics in the Middle East and other countries, they are found to be the least involved or inclined towards criminal offences.
  4. It is comparatively much cheaper to source work force from Nepal than any other Asian Country.

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