About Us

Code International Services (Est. 2006] aims to minimize unemployment problems and deliver efficient recruitment service to our valued clients worldwide.

In a country where the unemployment rate is over 40% and lack of many lob options to the already employed, 

In a span of few years, Code has earned the reputation of being one of the most trusted names for placement in Nepal.
With a presence of approximately 900 international recruitment companies (2011 statistics] in Nepal, a vast majority of these firms have earned Nepal a negative image in terms of incosistency, lack of professionalism, lack of proper channels for supplying of work force, etc. We bring forth Code International Services as a contrary to these negative aspects!
Code has a team of well educated and highly experienced employees, which makes professionalism our core competency. Unlike other companies, our recruitment and marketing Warn constantly have a brain storming session to recruit for each individual client’s specific requirements. A proven testimony of Code’s quality service of International standard- we are awarded with the prestigious ISO 9001:2000 management certification.
Finally, after supplying much of workforce to our highly valued clients and our successful track record, we can confidently conclude that clients will be faced with the least of procedueral hassles and at the same time recruit the most productive work force for their organisations, when recruiting from Code International Services.