CONTRACT PERIOD:  Two years [extendable) 


TIME OF DEPLOYMENT: As per the mobilization schedule of the project 


PROBATION PERIOD: Three months from the date of the contract


SALARY: As per the Demand Letter (Employment Contract) 


WORKING HOURS: 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. 


OVERTIME: Will be paid as per the local labour law. 


LEAVE PAYMENT:  The amount equivalent to one month’s salary will be given after completing a one-year contract as severance payment and vacation allowance. 


AIRFARE: To be provided by the employer on mobilisation and demobilisation. 


ACCOMMODATION: Room sharing with other workers will be provided free of charge. 


FOOD: To be provided by the employer or provided food allowance. 


TRANSPORTATION: To be provided by the employer. 


MEDICAL:  To be provided by the employer 


TAXES & DUTIES: To be paid by the employer.


 INSURANCE: Provided by the employer in case of accident/death. 


COMPENSATION: Provided as per labour law of the respected country. 


Note: The above terms & conditions can be amended with both parties 

mutual understanding & benefits according to market or country situation