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Code International Services

An HR Outsourcing Company

Code has earned the reputation of being one of the most trusted names for placement in Nepal.

How We Do It

Our approach to recruitment is comprehensive and streamlined. We follow a structured process to ensure the best match between organizations and job seekers:

Demand Receive

Collect Organization/Department Details Build Competency/Skill Profiles Develop Job Profiles Release Targeted Advertisements


Handle Responses Efficiently Categorize and Sort Resumes Ensure Reliable Resume Receipt

Filter Resumes

Implement Pre-set Criteria for Filtering Involve Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for Screening and Approval Compile Shortlists and Generate Comprehensive Reports

Final Selection

Facilitate Medical Clearances Manage Visa Processing Conduct Background Checks and Police Verifications Assist with Visa Stamping

Visa & Government Approval

Ensure Visa Stamping and Reception by the Company Handle Insurance, Travel Checklist, and Final Document Submission for Legal Approval

Ticketing & Travel

Book Tickets Provide Travel Checklists Share Travel Schedule Information Notify Meet & Greet Details

In a country where the

unemployment rate is over 40%

and lack of many lob options to the already employed,

Mission and Reputation

Established in 2006, Code International Services is dedicated to minimizing unemployment challenges and delivering efficient recruitment services to clients globally. Despite a national unemployment rate of over 40% and limited job opportunities, Code has rapidly become one of Nepal's most trusted names for job placement. Code stands as a contrast to the negative image associated with the majority of the approximately 900 international recruitment firms in Nepal, addressing issues like inconsistency, lack of professionalism, and inadequate workforce supply channels.

Professionalism and Expertise

Code International Services boasts a team of highly educated and experienced professionals, making professionalism its core competency. Unlike other firms, Code's recruitment and marketing teams regularly engage in brainstorming sessions to tailor recruitment strategies to the specific requirements of each client. The company's commitment to quality service is underlined by its achievement of the prestigious ISO 9001:2000 management certification.

Efficiency and Quality Assurance

With a successful track record of supplying a substantial workforce to valued clients, Code International Services ensures that clients experience minimal procedural hassles. The company's dedication to delivering the most productive workforce for organizations is a hallmark of its service. Clients who choose to recruit through Code can be confident in the efficiency and quality of the process, thanks to the company's professionalism and commitment to international standards.

Our Mission

At Code International Services, our mission is clear: to minimize unemployment problems in Nepal and provide efficient recruitment services to our valued clients worldwide.

Clients Feedback

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Code International was my first recruiter experience. I have heard horror stories about recruiting agencies but Code Intl was the total opposite. They were wonderful. They knew exactly what I was looking for from type of work to the working environment, they got me exactly what I was looking for. Overall. I would highly recommend Code International.
Matrika Pd. Khawas
Walt Painter, Elite- Qatar
Tarun sir, I call you from Qatar to tell you that 1 am getting everything promised to me as per my employment contract, infact much better. I have plenty of my relatives and friends who want to work aborad for living and I am sending them to your company [Code). Kindly guide them, Thanks!
Ram Krishna Bhogati
Cook, Horizon Manor Hate! - Qatar
I was always under constant communication with the friendly staff of Code International. This helped me to be updated on my document processing status and also I was provided with variety of Hotel options to choose from to work in my desired country. All the best for the future. Code International Services!
Machindra Tawa
House Keeping Supervisor, Mani Royal Hotel- Bahrain

We aims to minimize unemployment problems

Code has earned the reputation of being one of the most trusted names for placement in Nepal.