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Code has earned the reputation of being one of the most trusted names for placement in Nepal.

About Us

Code International Services aims to minimize unemployment problems

Code has earned the reputation of being one of the most trusted names for placement in Nepal.
With a presence of approximately 900 international recruitment companies (2011 statistics] in Nepal, a vast majority of these firms have earned Nepal a negative image in terms of incosistency, lack of professionalism, lack of proper channels for supplying of work force, etc. We bring forth Code International Services as a contrary to these negative aspects!

01 . Demand Receive

Collect Organization/ Dept details )
Build Competency/SkiII details
Build Job Profile
Advertisement Release

02 . Advertisement

Response handling
Sort resumes based on clear categorization
Provide reliable resume receipt

03 . Filter Resumes & Final Selection

Filter based on pre set Criteria
Get SME to screen & reject/approve
Collect results of filtering, shortlist from SME & Create report of Shortlist

04 . Processing

Medical Clearing, Visa Processing, Background Check, Police Verification, Visa Stamping

05 . VISA & Government Approval

Visa Stamping & Visa Received by Company
Insurance, Travel Checklist, Final Document Submission for Legal Approval

06 . Ticketing & Travel

Ticket Booking, Travel Checklist, Travel Schedule Information, Meet & Greet Notification

Message From Chairman

It’s been thirty five years since we first started in the business sector with nothing more but sturdy commitment. Our hand  and dedicated work has enabled us stand among the leading business houses in the country. Now, we have moved one step forward to provide services in the recruitment industry through Code International Service Pvt. Ltd. Code also stands with the same commitment having more dedicated and professional team that has proven track records in the country.

Chairman Code International Services Pvt. Ltd.

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